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Wan Nian Forever Spa
43B Temple Street, Singapore 058588
t: +65-6536-6869      
43A Craig Road, Singapore 089681
w: www.waterspa.com.sg
t: +65-6221-0956      
e: waterspa11@yahoo.com.sg
Xu Ri Le Ling Ka La OK Ju Le Bu
39A Temple Street, Singapore 058584
Yang Gui Fei Beauty Spa
22A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088449
t: +65-6222-1834      
Yang Jia Traditional Health Centre
57A Temple Street, Singapore 058602
t: +65-9650-8094      
Yat Sum Foot Reflexogy Centre
34 Upper Cross Street #03-130, Singapore 050034
t: +65-6223-0013      
Yoga Movement
31A/33A New Bridge Road, Singapore 059394
w: www.yogamovement.com.sg
t: +65-6534-4670      
e: carpenterstreet@yogamovement.com.sg
Yoga Movement
21 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088444
w: www.yogamovement.com.sg
t: +65-8139-9296      
e: tanjongpagar@yogamovement.com.sg
Young TCM Centre
46c Smith Street, Singapore 058956
w: SingaporeTCMmassage.com
t: +65-6225-5928      
228A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058777
w: www.zattva.org
t: +65-6222-1956      
e: info@zattva.org
Zen Spa
32A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088455
t: +65-8118-4831      
Zone Felice Hair Boutique
86 Club Street, Singapore 069429
w: www.zonafelice.com.sg
t: +65-6423-0306      
e: zonefelice86@gmail.com
Zui Hong Lou Xin Jia Po
8 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069789
w: www.zuihonglouxinjiapopteltd.com.sg
t: +65-6224-7762      
e: women@zuihong.sg