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Ban Yoo Foh Medical Hall
26 Sago Street, Singapore 059021
t: +65-6222-7068      
Bao Zhi Ling Chinese Medical Hall
10 Sago Street, Singapore 059013
t: +65-6223-3826      
Bee Brand Bird's Nest & Health Products Pte Ltd
64-66 Smith Street, Singapore 058965
Bei Jing Tong Ren Tang Science Arts (Singapore) Co Pte Ltd
211 / 213 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058762
w: www.tongrentang.com/index.php
t: +65-6223-9513       f: +65-6223-9515      
Beijing Tong Ren Tang
46 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058345
w: www.tongrentang.com
Chop Wah On
34 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058340
w: www.chopwahon.com
t: +65-6223-4349       f: +65-6221-4140      
e: sales@chopwahon.com
Dragon King Deming (TCM) Pte Ltd
237 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059437
Eu Yan Sang International Ltd
269 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058818
w: www.euyansang.com
t: +65-6225-3211       f: +65-6225-8276      
e: customersvc@euyansang.com
Fong Moon Kee Pte Ltd
16 Sago Street, Singapore 059016
t: +65-6223-0940      
Health & Beauty Pte td
38 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058341
Kwong Oon Herbal
16 Trengganu Street, Singapore 058470
Leung Kai Fook Medical Company (Pte) Ltd
84 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058714
w: www.axebrand.com.sg
t: +65-6533-3057       f: +65-6535-7522      
e: lkfmed@singnet.com.sg
On Tai Ginseng Traditional Medical Hall
256 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058805
San Teck Soon Medical Hall
261 South Bridge Road, Singapore 050531
Sinchong Meheco Ltd
50 Temple Street, Singapore 058595
Teck Soon Medical Hall
276 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058825
w: www.tecksoonsg.com
t: +65-6223-2962      
Teck Soon Medical Hall
281 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058823
w: www.tecksoonsg.com
t: +65-6227-6179      
Teck Yin Soon Chinese Medical Hall
189 New Bridge Road #01-02, Singapore 059422
w: www.tecksoonsg.com
t: +65-6323-5916      
Teck Yin Soon Chinese Medical Hall
71 Temple Street, Singapore 058615
t: +65-6223-2218      
Thye Shan Medical Hall
201 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059428
w: www.thyeshan.com
t: +65-6223-1326       f: +65-6222-0346      
e: custsvc@thyeshan.com
Thye Shan Medical Hall
264/266 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058813
w: www.thyeshan.com
t: +65-6323-1968       f: +65-6323-5691      
e: custsvc@thyeshan.com
Traditional Chinese Medical Centre
36 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058338
Vitatron & Medical Co
60 Smith Street, Singapore 058963
t: +65-6221-7795      
Wing Thye Loong Hang
24 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058335
Wong Yiu Nam Medical Hall Pte Ltd
51 Temple Street, Singapore 058596
t: +65-6223-9365      
13 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089827