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5 Way Foot Inn
63 Pagoda Street, Singapore 059222
w: www.5wayfootinn.com
t: +65-6221-5832      
5footway.inn Project
227 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058776
w: www.5footwayinn.com
A Beary Good Hostel
66A/B Pagoda Street, Singapore 059225
w: https://www.abearygoodhostel.com
t: +65-6222-4955      
e: enquiry@abearygoodhostel.com
A Beary Good Hostel
46B Smith Street, Singapore 058956
w: www.abearygoodhostel.com
t: +65-6222-4951      
e: nicereservations@abearygoodhostel.com
Adler Hostel
259 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058808
w: www.adlerhostel.com
t: +65-6226-0173      
e: contact@adlerintl.com
Backpackers' Inn
14 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058330
t: +65-6221-1239      
Beary Best! by a beary good hostel
16 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058331
w: www.aberygoodhostel.com
e: bestreversations@abearygoodhostel.com
Fivestones Hostel
61 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058691
w: www.fivestoneshostel.com
t: +65-6535-5607      
Matchbox Hostel
39 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069716
w: www.matchbox.sg
t: +65-6423-0237      
e: pillowtalk@matchbox.sg
Pillows & Toasts
40 Mosque Street, Singapore 059518
Royal Hostel
28A Smith Street, Singapore 058942
w: www.royalhostel.com.sg
t: +65-6221-5742      
e: hello@royalhostel.com.sg
Rucksack Inn @ Temple St
52 Temple Street, Singapore 058597
w: www.rucksackinn.com
t: +65-6438-5146       f: +65-6225-4613      
e: reservations@rucksackinn.com
Wink Hostel
8A Mosque Street, Singapore 059488
t: +65-6222-2940