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A Pretti Nailz
73A Temple Street, Singapore 058617
w: www.aprettinailz.com.sg
t: +65-6223-8387      
e: aprettinailz@gmail.com
Abs Massage
46A Temple Street, Singapore 058591
t: +65-6224-5663      
Bao Yuan Trading Pte Ltd
15 Temple Street, Singapore 058562
t: +65-6227-2139       f: +65-6227-9517      
Bath Culture Foot Theraphy
59 Temple Street, Singapore 058604
w: www.bathculture.com.sg
t: +65-6226-6289       f: +65-6226-6287      
Beijing Neng Ren Ju
36 Temple Street #01-02, Singapore 058581
t: +65-6223-3186      
Body Image Therapy Studio
36 Temple Street #01-03/04, Singapore 058581
w: www.bodyimage.com.sg
t: +65-6224-8038      
CT Spa for Men
45B Temple Street, Singapore 058590
D SPAradise
15A Temple Street #02-02, Singapore 058562
Deyi (Singapore) Pte Ltd
32 Temple Street, Singapore 058577
w: www.stonecarving.sg
t: +65-6536-6589      
e: sg1828@gmail.com
Feng Bo Zhuang Jiu Jia
57 Temple Street, Singapore 058602
t: +65-6223-3588      
Fuji Aroma Theraphy
3A Temple Street, Singapore 058556
t: +65-6225-4822      
Gamer Cyber Caf
63A Temple Street, Singapore 058608
Golden Travel Services Pte Ltd
20A Temple Street, Singapore 058565
w: www.gts.com.sg
t: +65-6323-2321       f: +65-6323-2900      
e: info@gts.com.sg
Gum Gan Won Korean Fusion Restaurant
55 Temple Street, Singapore 058600
w: www.gumgangwon.com
t: +65-6323-2321       f: +65-6323-2900      
Healthy Body Massasge
49 Temple Street, Singapore 058594
t: +65-6372-0012       f: +65-6223-7801      
Heritage Marker SB12 - A Chinese Medicine Shop
Temple Street
Heritage Marker SB23 - Temple Street
Temple Street
Huang He Lou
50 Temple Street, Singapore 058595
t: +65-6222-3705      
e: huanghelou518@gmail.com
Jess Pub
58 Temple Street, Singapore 058603
Kill Switch Tattoo
50A Temple Street, Singapore 058595
t: +65-9423-8685      
e: reuki1e@gmail.com
Kim Heng Pawnshop Pte Ltd
22 Temple Street, Singapore 058567
t: +65-6224-3363       f: +65-6224-8824      
Koi Kei Bakery (Singapore) Pte Ltd
56 Temple Street, Singapore 058601
w: www.koikei.com
t: +65-6225-7677       f: +65-6225-9957      
e: iris@koikei.com
Lao Si Chuan Dou Hua Zhuang
46 Temple Street, Singapore 058591
t: +65-6226-1448      
Lau Choy Seng
23,25,28 Temple Street, Singapore 058568
w: www.lauchoyseng.com
t: +65-6223-5486       f: +65-6224-6476      
e: retail@lauchoyseng.com
Ling Wei Zhen Trading
61 Temple Street, Singapore 058606
t: +65-6227-2203      
e: huang81255588@hotmail.com
Mabuhay Singha Long
48 Temple Street, Singapore 058593
Mao Shan Wang Cafe
49 Temple Street, Singapore 058594
w: https://www.facebook.com/MaoShanWangCafe
t: +65-6221-2338      
Mei Heong Yuen Dessert
63 - 67 Temple Street, Singapore 058610
w: www.meiheongyuendessert.com.sg
t: +65-6221-1156      
My Spa
47A/B Temple Street, Singapore 058592
w: www.myspa.com.sg
t: +65-6534-8534      
e: enquiry@myspa.com.sg
Nail Alcove
59B Temple Street, Singapore 058604
t: +65-6226-6278      
Old Yang Kee
53 Temple Street, Singapore 058598
t: +65-6222-4802      
Orchid Chopstick
36 Temple Street #01-05, Singapore 058581
w: www.hwayi.com.sg
t: +65-6226-3128      
e: cindy@hwayi.com.sg
Sensual Massage
62A Temple Street, Singapore 058607
t: +65-6227-5488      
Sia Huat Pte Ltd (Retail Sales)
7, 9, 11 Temple Street, Singapore 058559
w: www.siahuat.com
t: +65-6223-1732       f: +65-6224-2896      
e: sales@siahuat.com.sg
Spring Melody Spa
15A Temple Street, Singapore 058562
t: +65-6220-9891      
T30 Kungfu Teahouse
30 Temple Street, Singapore 058575
w: t30kungfuteahouse.com
t: +65-6225-5530      
Teck Yin Soon Chinese Medical Hall Pte Ltd
71 Temple Street, Singapore 058615
t: +65-6223-2218       f: +65-6223-1296      
Temple Caf
39 - 41 Temple Street, Singapore 058584
Temple Knob N' Knockers Pub
47 Temple Street, Singapore 058592
t: +65-9670-1167      
e: dlachmandas@icloud.com
Thai Body Massage
58A Temple Street, Singapore 058603
The Inn at Temple Street
36 Temple Street, Singapore 058581
w: www.theinn.com.sg
t: +65-6221-5333       f: +65-6225-5391      
e: theinn@singnet.com.sg
Toh Foong
5 Temple Street, Singapore 058557
t: +65-6223-1343      
Wan Nian Forever Spa
43B Temple Street, Singapore 058588
t: +65-6536-6869      
Wong Yiu Nam Medical Hall Pte Ltd
51 Temple Street, Singapore 058596
w: www.wongyiunam.com.sg
t: +65-6220-8334       f: +65-6223-9365      
e: service@wongyiunam.com.sg
Wong's Jewellery 王氏珠宝
62 Temple Street, Singapore 058607
t: +65-6323-0236       f: +65-6323-0232      
Xiang Man Lou Chinese Restaurant
36 Temple Street #01-02, Singapore 058581
Xu Ri Le Ling Ka La OK Ju Le Bu
39A Temple Street, Singapore 058584
Yang Jia Traditional Health Centre
57A Temple Street, Singapore 058602
t: +65-9650-8094      
Yi Xin Vegeterian Food
39 Temple Street, Singapore 058584
t: +65-6534-8545      
Zhong Hua Gu Wan Gong Yi Hang
45 Temple Street, Singapore 058590
t: +65-6323-3468      
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Heritage Marker SB23 - Temple Street
Learn more about Chinatown's rich history by visiting our Heritage Markers. Installed at places of historical significance around Chinatown, each plaque provides a short history of the location in three languages - English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Before Temple Street got its name, it was called Almeida Street after Joachim D'Almeida, son of the legendary Dr Jose D'Almeida. An influential merchant, the Consul for Portugal as well as a doctor, Dr D'Almeida owned the land on which this street was built. The Hokkiens had another name for Temple Street: Gu Chia Chui Hi Hng Au, which means "the street behind the theatre". They were referring to Lai Chun Yuen, the famous Chinese opera theatre on neighbouring Smith Street. Many of the clients who frequented brothels at Temple Street and various parts of Chinatown were also patrons of Lai Chun Yuen. Along with prostitution came other social ills: violence and opium smoking.

Dr Chen Su Lan, the first locally trained Chinese medical practitioner, lived on Temple Street. He actively campaigned against opium smoking and prostitution, and his efforts improved the lives of a number of poor immigrants. Although Temple Street was less than salubrious, several of its buildings were associated with renowned architect F. W. Brewer. Most well known for his design of the Cathay Building and the Chinese Swimming Club, Brewer worked on no fewer than seven residential buildings on Temple Street.
Temple Street
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