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Binomio Spanish Restaurant
20 Craig Road, Singapore 089692
w: www.binomio.sg
t: +65-6557-0547       f: +65-6536-5370      
e: info@binomio.sg
Chinatown Plaza
34 Craig Road, Singapore 089673
Composers & Authors Society of Singapore Limited (COMPASS)
37 Craig Road, Singapore 089675
w: www.compass.org.sg
t: +65-6323-6630       f: +65-6323-6639      
e: enquiry@compass.org.sg
Dance en Motion
8 Craig Road, Singapore 089688
w: www.dance-en-motion.com
t: +65-9159-7811      
e: registration@dance-en-motion.com
6B Craig Road, Singapore 089666
w: www.dancenmusic.com.sg
t: +65-6225-8336      
e: enquiry@dancenmusic.com.sg
El Mondo
3A Craig Road, Singapore 089663
t: +65-6325-4521      
El Tardeo
20 Craig Road #01-02, Singapore 089692
w: www.facebook.com/El-Tardeo-736681099775449
t: +65-6221-6288      
Golden Caf Food Place
5 Craig Road, Singapore 089665
w: goldencafe.com.sg
t: +65-6438-2152      
38 Craig Road, Singapore 089676
w: www.initaly.asia
t: +65-6423-0918      
e: reservations@initaly.asia
Life Journiz
48/49 Craig Road, Singapore 089686
w: www.lifejourniz.com
t: +65-6222-0895      
e: contactus@lifejourniz.com
45 Craig Road, Singapore 089683
w: www.mahogany.com.sg
t: +65-6737-5956      
e: customercare@mahogany.com.sg
Miss Molly
2 Craig Road, Singapore 089662
w: www.facebook.com/MissMollysSG
t: +65-6222-2671      
Open D Group
52 Craig Road, Singapore 089690
w: opend-group.com
t: +65-6844-6069      
Pasta Brava
11 Craig Road, Singapore 089671
w: www.pastabrava.com.sg
t: +65-6227-7550       f: +65-6734-4119      
e: info@pastabrava.com.sg
Selfish Gene Café
40 Craig Road, Singapore 089678
w: www.selfishgenecafe.com
t: +65-6423-1324      
e: info@selfishgenecafe.com
34 Craig Road, Chinatown Plaza #02-10, Singapore 089673
w: www.spalogy.com.sg
t: +65-6221-2441      
e: spalogysg@yahoo.com.sg
The Plain
50 Craig Road, Singapore 089688
w: www.theplain.com.sg
t: +65-6225-4387      
Timmerman & Tan Advertising
41 Craig Road, Singapore 089679
t: +65-6221-1883      
Tong Mem Sern Antiques Arts & Crafts
51 Craig Road, Singapore 089689
w: tmsantiques.com
t: +65-6223-1037       f: +65-6225-5979      
Tour Royale Service Pte Ltd
42 Craig Road, Singapore 089680
w: tour-royale.com.sg
t: +65-6223-9138       f: +65-6223-9192      
Twins Fried Chicken
7 Craig Road, Singapore 089667
w: www.facebook.com/Twins.Korean.Restaurant
t: +65-6221-5205      
43A Craig Road, Singapore 089681
w: www.waterspa.com.sg
t: +65-6221-0956      
e: waterspa11@yahoo.com.sg
Xi Yan Restaurant
38A Craig Road, Singapore 089676
w: www.xiyan.com.sg
t: +65-6220-3546       f: +65-6220-7069      
e: info@xiyan.com.sg
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We are a men's spa & wellness company started in Nov 2015. Situated inside Chinatown Plaza opposite to Keong Saik Road. We offer full body massage & scrubs. The highlight of our spa is in our water therapies thats visually captivating & therapeutic to enjoy. One can also enjoy private jacuzzi bath that's individually prepared for personal indulgence.
34 Craig Road, Chinatown Plaza #02-10, Singapore 089673
opening hours
Daily from 1130 to 2330
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