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Awakening Touch Pte Ltd
19A Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089833
w: www.awakeningtouch.com.sg
t: +65-6222-5787       f: +65-6222-5541      
e: irene@awakeningtouch.com.sg
Boca Protugese Cuisine
6 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089820
w: boca-restaurant.sg
t: +65-6221-0132      
Del Monte Pacific
17 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089831
w: www.delmontepacific.com
t: +65-6324-6822      
Ee Hoe Hean Club
43 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089856
w: www.eehoehean.org
t: +65-6223-9797      
e: admin@eehoehean.com
Eight Café & Bar
8 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089822
w: www.eightcafebar.com
t: +65-6220-4513       f: +65-6220-4514      
e: eightcafe@gmail.com
Grace International Pte Ltd
25b Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089839
w: grace-int.com
t: +65-6222-3831       f: +65-6225-0163      
Grassroots Bookroom
25 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089839
w: www.facebook.com/grassrootsbookroom
t: +65-6337-9208      
Hashi Japanese Restaurant
46 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089058
w: www.hashi.sg
t: +65-6327-8414      
e: reservations@hashi.sg
Kaiyo Reptile Products
29 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089843
w: www.kaiyo.com.sg
t: +65-6479-0909       f: +65-6479-2993      
e: kaiyo@singnet.com.sg
Keow Siong Club
14 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089828
t: +65-6223-7896      
La-Vie Fashion & Bridal
15 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089829
w: www.laviebridalweddings.com
t: +65-6533-3933       f: +65-6200-5388      
Majestic Restaurant
32 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 89845
w: restaurantmajestic.com
t: +65-6512-4718       f: +65-6223-3379      
e: restaurant@newmajestichotel.com
Milan Pole Dance Studio
11A Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089825
w: milanpoledance.com
Neu Age Clinic
13 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089827
w: www.neuageclinic.com
t: +65-6222-1481      
New Majestic Hotel
31 - 37 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089845
w: www.newmajestichotel.com
t: +65-6511-4700      
e: reservation@newmajestichotel.com
Oso Ristorante (Baretto)
46 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089858
w: www.oso.sg
t: +65-6327-8378       f: +65-6224-9610      
e: reservation@org.sg
Restaurant Andre
41 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089855
w: restaurantandre.com
t: +65-6534-8880      
e: info@restaurantandre.com
Sek Kho Club
23 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089837
t: +65-6223-5912      
Shine Dental Inc.
11 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089825
t: +65-6225-6979      
Shuang Spa
11 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089825
w: www.shuangspa.com
t: +65-6221-5211      
e: hello@shuangspa.com
Singapore Chin Kang Huay Kuan
29 Bukit Pasoh Road #04-01, Singapore 089841
w: chinkang.org.sg
t: +65-6223-5913       f: +65-6227-8730      
e: chinkang@singnet.com.sg
Singapore Koh Clan Association
15 Bukit Pasoh Road #01-01, Singapore 089829
t: +65-6223-0265      
Siong Leng Musical Association
4B Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089816
w: www.siongleng.com
t: +65-6222-4221       f: +65-6223-4964      
e: slmusic@singnet.com.sg
The Reading Room
19 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089833
w: www.thereadingroom.com.sg
t: +65-6220-9019      
e: enquiry@thereadingroom.com.sg
Triplegem Yoga Centre
21 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089835
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New Majestic Hotel
No two stays at New Majestic Hotel will be the same, with 30 uniquely decorated rooms designed by emerging local artists. Enjoy the opulence of luscious gardens, glass-walled bathrooms and top quality Cantonese cuisine at The Majestic Restaurant when you stay at New Majestic Hotel.
31 - 37 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089845
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Their interior was tinted with objects from the past, like old barber chairs etc. doing a magnificent contrast to modern and old as this stylish chic hotell sits in the middle of our chinatown SO DIFFERENT FROM THE USUAL HOTEL LOBBY and the white setting made me feel like i had just died and gone to heaven!!!
A quirky collection of different themes, each room has its own name and is individually designed with a mix of vintage, designer furniture and art by local artists. Some of the rooms are also designed by Singapore's most influential talents from cinema, theatre and fashion.
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