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Amoy Street
Ann Siang Hill
Ann Siang Road
Anson Road
Banda Street
Boon Tat Street
Bukit Pasoh Road
Cantonment Road
Chin Chew Street
Chin Swee Road
Chinatown Food Street
Club Street
Craig Road
Cross Street
Duxton Hill
Duxton Road
Erskine Road
Eu Tong Sen Street
Gemmill Lane
Hokien Street
Jiak Chuan Road
Kadayanallur Street
Keong Saik Road
Kreta Ayer Road
Maxwell Road
McCallum Street
Mosque Street
Murray Street
Nankin Street
Neil Road
New Bridge Road
New Market Road
North Bridge Road
North Canal Road
Pagoda Street
Park Road
Pickering Street
Sago Lane
Sago Street
Smith Street
South Bridge Road
Stanley Street
Tanjong Pagar Road
Teck Lim Road
Telok Ayer Street
Temple Street
Teo Hong Road
Tras Street
Trengganu Street
Upper Cross Street
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7-Eleven Convenience 24/7
2 Smith Street, Singapore 058917
t: +65-1800-8918100      
e: pr@7-eleven.com.sg
Abba's Department Store
4 Smith Street, Singapore 058917
w: www.abbastailors.com
t: +65-6534-2060      
e: abbas@mbox2.singnet.com.sg
Bee Brand Bird's Nest & Health Products Pte Ltd
64-66 Smith Street, Singapore 058965
t: +65-6224-5691       f: +65-6224-5698      
e: meiguo@singnet.com.sg
Chinatown Wholesale Centre
58 Smith Street, Singapore 058962
t: +65-6324-4990      
Da You (Chinatown) Departmental Store Pte Ltd
336 Smith Street #02-300, Singapore 050336
t: +65-6220-3256       f: +65-6224-9985      
Smith Street
w: www.hotelscombined.com/Place/Singapore.htm
Ji Xiang Ge
48 Smith Street, Singapore 058958
t: +65-8121-7236      
e: chanchoonon@yahoo.com.sg
Li-Hong Jade
20/20B Smith Street, Singapore 058934
w: www.lihongjade.com
t: +65-6323-3919      
e: enquiry@lihongjade.com
myCK Department Store
336 Smith Street, New Bridge Centre #01-304, Singapore 050336
w: www.myck.sg
t: +65-6743-7411      
Nam's Supplies
22 Smith Street, Singapore 058936
t: +65-6324-5872      
Shuang Hua Jewellery
54 Smith Street, Singapore 058960
w: www.allaboutjade.com.sg
t: +65-6327-9168      
e: contactus@allaboutjade.biz
SM - SA 10 Luo Mei Hua
SM - SA 06 Smith Street
t: +65-8379-5026      
SMSA 01 Guard Post
01 Smith Street
Tam Kah Shark's Fin Pte Ltd
62 Smith Street, Singapore 058964
w: www.tamkahsharksfin.com
t: +65-6220-1338       f: +65-6223-1319      
e: sales@tamkahsharksfin.com
Thong Teck Clinic
72 Smith Street, Singapore 058969
t: +65-6223-6946      
Vitatron & Medical Co
60 Smith Street, Singapore 058963
t: +65-6221-5438      
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myCK Department Store
myCK is a mass market retailer with a chain of 18 retail stores islandwide.

Our double-storey flagship store located at Chinatown, New Bridge Centre, serves as a showcase for all our brands and products; offering an extensive range of merchandise ranging from apparel, shoes, skincare, toiletries and many more.
336 Smith Street, New Bridge Centre #01-304, Singapore 050336
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