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Cantonment Road
Chin Chew Street
Chin Swee Road
Chinatown Food Street
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Upper Cross Street
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Apple Vacations Singapore Pte Ltd
26 Upper Cross Street #058336
w: applevacations.com.sg
t: +65-6533-5161       f: +65-6533-5261      
Bee's Brand Birdnest & Health Products
531 Upper Cross Street #01-16, Singapore 050531
w: www.beesbrand.com.sg
t: +65-6535-5118       f: +65-6533-9012      
e: customersvc@beesbrand.com.sg
64 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058354
Chop Wah On
34 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058340
w: chopwahon.com
t: +65-6223-4349       f: +65-6221-4140      
e: sales@chopwahon.com
De Ming TCM Pte Ltd
235/237 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 059436
w: www.beifangherbs.com
t: +65-6323-2032       f: +65-6323-2032      
e: dmtcm@beifangherbs.com
Fook Chang Trading
531 Upper Cross Street #01-04, Singapore 050531
t: +65-6533-5139      
Fu Yang Tang
30 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058338
w: www.facebook.com/FuYangTang
t: +65-6221-5165       f: +65-6221-8022      
Health & Beauty Pte td
38 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058341
t: +65-6534-4208      
Hong Lim Complex
531A Upper Cross Street, Singapore 051531
Kim Chuan Choon Wine Merchant
531 Upper Cross Street #02-45, Singapore 050531
t: +65-6535-5275      
Li Hong Jade
531 Upper Cross Street #01-05, Singapore 050531
w: www.lihongjade.com
t: +65-6534-6919      
e: jade@lihongjade.com
Lohes Health Culture Communication Centre
46 Upper Cross Street #01-02b, Singapore 058345
t: +65-6532-2128      
Ming Tai
34 Upper Cross Street #01-150, Singapore 050034
w: www.mingtai.com.sg
t: +65-6532-1307      
OG Building
100 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058360
w: www.og.com.sg
e: feedback@og.com.sg
People's Park Centre
101 Upper Cross Street #07-09, Singapore 058357
Pertaco Singapore Pte Ltd
20 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058333
t: +65-6323-6231      
San Teck Soon Medical Hall
531 Upper Cross Street #01-53, Singapore 050531
t: +65-6534-1009      
Seahouse Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
34 Upper Cross Street #02-136, Singapore 050034
t: +65-6536-6566      
Tong Ren Tang
46 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058345
t: +65-6535-8789       f: +65-6535-3319      
Wang San Yang Tea Merchant
531 Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Complex #01-61, Singapore 050531
w: www.wsytm.com
t: +65-6352-2707       f: +65-6352-2761      
Wing Thye Loong Ginseng & Herbs Co. Pte Ltd
24 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058335
t: +65-6227-7327      
Yong Hiang Fresh Flowers Co
34 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058340
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Chop Wah On
Chop Wah On is established in 1916 by founder and patriarch, the late Mr. Tong Chee Leong. Chop Wah On is one of Singapore's oldest established medicated oil firm and it provides renowned medicated oils and balms.
34 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058340
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