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Ann Siang Road - The Screening Room
Barrio Chino
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""Interaction" is what K Ki craves for, sincerely seeking comments at various junctures. I promised I'd be back..."
"So Wagyu is known for its intense marbling, which not only gives a better flavour, but also..."
"I first thought that the room was small as compared to the other karaoke places but the sofa was so comfortable and.."
"It's my first time visiting the KTV, which is located at smith street..."
"The fish batter is thinner compared to the usual fish & chips that we normally had..."
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"I did the one hour De-stress muscle relief massage. The masseuse is a 50 year old Chinese Singaporean..."
"It is also the first local club to introduce bar-top putting. Golfers' night happens every Monday. Union Square has..."
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