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2011 has been a landmark year for us here at Chinatown - with the launch of our online initiative and a plethora of festivities and events both old and new, we've had quite a year!

The year kicked off with the launch of our online and social media initiative, this Chinatown.SG website and our "I LOVE CHINATOWN SINGAPORE" facebook group. Along with these sites also came a barrage of media about Chinatown's past and present - interviews with ageing residents that still remember the Chinatown of the old, youngsters who see Chinatown from a whole different view, exclusives with some of the more interesting businesses that have sprung up in Chinatown in recent years, and more.

In May, the ever-popular Swap 'n' Shop flea market decided to organise their fifth annual flea in Chinatown for the first time ever! Held along the Garden Bridge, Smith Street and Pagoda Street, Swap 'n' Shop 5 drew a crowd of casual shoppers, bargain hunters and novelty seekers to Chinatown.

In 2011, we also launched Singapore's first-ever district-wide promotion - Chinatown's Half Price Tuesday! With a different shop offering half-priced goodies every Tuesday, you can eat all your favourite food, buy all your most-desired items and pamper yourself silly without breaking your bank!

But of course, new events weren't the only happenings in Chinatown. As with every other year, we also held our annual Hungry Ghost Festival celebrations to great fanfare, with guided tours, auction dinners and of course, not missing out the loud and vibrant getais!

Following closely behind the Hungry Ghost Festival came the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, where we held the inaugural Lantern Painting Competition which saw children from all over Singapore come together to express their artistic talents, the Singapore Iconic Lantern Design Competition where contestants were tasked to create a unique lantern design which best represents Singapore, and brought you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how our favourite Mid-Autumn snack, mooncakes, are made!

And as the year comes close to the end, we also started the construction of the Chinatown Visitor Centre, with the all-in-one information, tour and souvenir centre being slated for launch in January 2012 - where newer and greater things await Chinatown… so see you next year!

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