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it's all about food!

Isn't it always? As the Chinese saying goes, food is the peasants' heaven. Even today, the streets of Chinatown are dotted with pastry shops, roadside eateries and restaurants; some of them hailing from ages past, others new entrants that add mouthwatering fare from around the world to the mix.

chinatown food street

Located at Smith Street, Chinatown Food Street lets you savour the best of Singapore's hawker food and rediscover the joys of al-fresco roadside dining among the beautifully restored shophouses of Chinatown. For those who prefer air-conditioned comfort, there are also indoor restaurants and cafés, such as Lan Zhou La Mian's handmade noodles or Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant's speciality – fish head served in a broth of soup and brandy!

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snacks, pastries & barbecued meats

If you find yourself hankering for something sweet, you just need to visit one of Chinatown's many pastry shops – their range of traditional offerings will be sure to satisfy your cravings. In fact, many of these pastry shops, such as Tai Tong Cake Shop, still hand make their pastries with the same recipes and techniques as when they first started out. Now that's what you call authentic! For a more savoury bite, one can always indulge in various snacks such as bak kwa (barbecued pork) from Chinatown's legendary trio – Bee Cheng Hiang, Lim Chee Guan and Kim Hock Guan.

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heritage brand restaurants

If a full meal is what you seek, you will find great delight slurping down authentic Ipoh Hor Fun from Lim Tong Kee or sinking your teeth into Moi Lum Restaurant's traditional fare, finishing up with a tasty bowl of almond paste from Mei Heong Yuan for the pure, unadulterated Chinatown food experience – all of these stores are Heritage Brands that have been operating since the early 1900's!

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international cuisine

For European and fusion cuisine restaurants, look no further than Bukit Pasoh and Ann Siang Hill, which are sprinkled with newly-established international restaurants such as the quirky café-cum-gallery Shots Café, the critically-acclaimed Absinthe, and the local food blogosphere's Italian restaurant of choice, Oso Ristorante.

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Of course, these aren't all that Chinatown has to offer – there's just too much food to cover! For those ready to go on a gastronomical adventure, a complete list of Chinatown's eateries can be found in our directory, or you can take our quick-and-easy Yummy Tummy food trail!

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