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Goldheart Bullion Chinatown
Goldheart Bullion aims to be the premier retailer of gold and silver bullion in Singapore. Aspial Corporation Limited is an established name with franchises such as Lee Hwa Jewelry, CITIGEMS, Goldheart Jewelry and others. Over the years, the prospect of buying gold and silver bullion for savings and investments have become extremely prominent. There have been countless inquiries and demand from both new and existing customers walking into the jewelry chains to buy bullion. To meet the demand in the market, a strategic partnership was formed between Aspial and Silver Bullion.

Silver Bullion has a world-class storage program and very strong international presence in the west. As the majority of the customer base is in the western region, they have been looking to work with an established partner to work on the local and Asia market. Customers that are interested in storage could buy from Goldheart Bullion and have their bullion stored at our partner's vault which benefits all parties.

In terms of services, we offer buy, sell and authentication services similar to silver bullion. Our product range includes numismatic bullion and we stock up on more gold bullion which is a favorite in the local and Asia market.

We are listed on the Perth Mint's website as 1 of its distributors:- http://www.perthmint.com.au/perth-mint-coin-distributors-singapore.aspx

Please visit our website:- https://www.goldheartbullion.com/Buy for the list of products from the various national Mints which we carry. We obtain these products directly from these Mints via direct channels from wholesale distributors. They supply the Royal Canadian Mint / Royal Mint / US Mint / The Perth Mint / Nadir products we carry in our Retails outlets.

231 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059435
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