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Heritage Marker SB02 - Great Southern Hotel
Learn more about Chinatown's rich history by visiting our Heritage Markers. Installed at places of historical significance around Chinatown, each plaque provides a short history of the location in three languages - English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Great Southern Hotel was once "the" place for Chinese high society in the 1930s. Built by tycoon Eu Tong Sen, Great Southern Hotel was considered highly modern when it opened in 1927. The six-storey hotel was the first in Singapore to boast a passenger elevator.

Occupying the entire fifth floor, the chic Southern Cabaret was the hotel's greatest asset,. Here, the glitterati would live it up. They sipped the finest liquor, smoked handcrafted opium pipes and danced the night away with taxi girls who were paid dance partners. For a S$1 ticket, taxi girls could be hired for three dances. It was not uncommon for a celebrity or two from China or Hong Kong to be seen amongst this well-heeled crowd. It stayed in business well past its heyday and eventually closed down in 1994.

Great Southern Hotel also provided other services such as remitting money to China, booking steamer tickets, transferring luggage and other travel requirements.
Eu Tong Sen Street
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