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Heritage Marker SB15 - Ning Yeung Wui Kuan
Learn more about Chinatown's rich history by visiting our Heritage Markers. Installed at places of historical significance around Chinatown, each plaque provides a short history of the location in three languages - English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Ning Yeung Wui Kuan is the oldest Chinese clan association in Singapore. Established in 1822, it catered to Cantonese immigrants. Its founder, Cho Ah Chee, is believed to be one of the very first Chinese immigrants to Singapore in the early 1820s. The association was initially run as a temple and meeting hall for people from Toi San County in Guangdong, Cho Ah Chee's hometown. Its role gradually expanded to include welfare services, employment, housing and education for the Cantonese already in Singapore as well as new immigrants.

Chinese clan associations, or hui guan as they are generally known, were the backbone of the Chinese migrant community. Like Ning Yeung Wui Kuan, most clan associations were organized along blood or dialect lines. Their wide kinship network was an invaluable source of support for new immigrants, providing a community that new persons could easily fit into. The host community was much like home; the same language was spoken, the same were customs practised and the same occupations pursued. In times of shortage, clan associations stepped in to help in cash or in kind. Ning Yeung Wui Kuan moved to its present premises on Ann Siang Hill in 1995.
Ann Siang Road
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