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Heritage Marker SB18 - Jamae Mosque
Learn more about Chinatown's rich history by visiting our Heritage Markers. Installed at places of historical significance around Chinatown, each plaque provides a short history of the location in three languages - English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Jamae Mosque was built by the Chulia community from the Coromandal Coast of southern India. It is also known as Masjid Chulia and Masjid Kling. Although it has been in existence since 1827, its present form came about slightly later, sometime between 1830 and 1835. It is a wakaf mosque, meaning that it was built on donated land that was placed in trust for the Muslim community in perpetuity. The mosque is built to face Mecca, and as such is out of alignment with the street grid. The architecture is a blend of the East and the West. While the front gate is typically South Indian, the foyer, main prayer hall, ancillary prayer hall and shrine feature neoclassical elements - inspired by the style of Singapore's most esteemed colonial architect, George Drumgoole Coleman, who also designed some of Singapore's most well-known buildings, such as the Armenian Church and the old Parliament House and Annex Building.
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