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Heritage Marker SB37 - Mount Erskine
Learn more about Chinatown's rich history by visiting our Heritage Markers. Installed at places of historical significance around Chinatown, each plaque provides a short history of the location in three languages - English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

A hill once stood in the vicinity of Maxwell Road. Called Mount Erskine, it was named after J. J. Erskine, a member of the Penang government council, who probably resided on this hill in 1824. However, based on popular belief, though perhaps erroneous, ascribes Mount Erskine to Mr Samuel Erskine of Howarth Erskine & Co., a well-known engineering firm of the 1870s. In the late 19th century, Chia Ann Siang, owner of Ann Siang Hill, also acquired Erskine Hill and developed it.

Mount Erskine is most well known for health and social welfare services available there. After the Japanese Occupation (1942-45), malnutrition and tuberculosis were at their highest levels, especially amongst children. To combat this, the Social Welfare Department started meal centres at several locations on the island, one of which was Mount Erskine. Volunteer groups providing basic education skills began offering their services near the meal centres, reaching out to the large groups of needy children who gathered there. St Andrew's Mission Hospital was at Erskine Road from 1923 to 1948. Today, it runs a community hospital on Eliot Road in the eastern area of Singapore.
Erskine Road
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