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CBA E-newsletter Issue 41

Burning Bins Placement during 7th Month Festival
There will be 4 burning bins allocated in the streets of Chinatown from 3rd August 2016 to 1st September 2016 for the public to burn their paper offerings. Please be reminded that burning of joss papers on walkways, drain gratings, or any common areas (i.e. on the streets) are prohibited. The designated areas with burning bins are:
Construction of Thomson-East Coast Line Maxwell Station - Traffic Diversion of South Bridge Road
We would like to inform all stakeholders that there will be a traffic diversion along a stretch of South Bridge Road on 31st July 2016 at 0000 hours. Currently, the traffic scheme along South Bridge Road is split decisively after Erskine road to diverge the traffic heading towards Maxwell Road (towards the left), and Neil Road (towards the right). Upon the implementation of the traffic diversion, the route heading towads Maxwell Road will converge with the route heading towards Neil Road. 

We would like to highlight to motorists to practice caution when navigating the new traffic scheme.

Please see the following layout for the location of works:
Upcoming Events
CBA 7th Month Festival 2016
Chinatown Business Association will be organizing the annual 7th month festival event, everyone is welcomed to join us on the day.
Date:                      15th August 2016
Venue:                    Chinatown Food Street
Prayer Ceremony:    11.00am
Getai:                      7.30pm
Happy National Day
Chinatown Business Association wishes everyone a Happy National Day!
We would like to gently remind all members that you can utilize our social media platforms (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) to shout out the latest promotion(s) and/or event(s) that you may have in promoting your business.
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