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19 Sep 2016
AGM 2016
For the upcoming AGM 2016, please submit your final resolution request to melvin@chinatown.org.sg by 22 September 2016, 12 noon for us to do the necessary process.
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16 Aug 2016
Releasing of Pokémon Go Lure Modules in Chinatown
Date: 12 Aug to 31 Aug 2016
Time: 9am to 9pm
Venue: Chinatown Street Market (Pagoda Street, Trengganu Street, Sago Street, Banda Street)

Good news to all Pokémon Go trainers out there! We will be placing lures in the vicinity of Chinatown and the trainers will get a chance to hunt down their favourite Pokémon. Head down to Chinatown to catch 'em all! What are you waiting for?
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12 Aug 2016
Fancy Dress Contest 2016 - One Moonlit Night in Old Shanghai
To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 2016, Chinatown Business Association will be hosting the annual Fancy Dress Contest on 10th September 2016 at Kreta Ayer Square, Chinatown. This year, the theme will be "One Moonlit Night in Old Shanghai". Contest participants are to dress in styles or costume relevant to the theme and will stand a chance to win attractive prizes by joining the contest!

Click here to download the registration form for the contest.
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29 Jul 2016
Festivals@Chinatown - Mooncake Blind Tasting Contest
In celebration for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival 2016, Chinatown Business Association will be organizing a mooncake blind tasting contest on 4th September 2016, 2pm-5.30pm at Kreta Ayer Square in search for the favourite mooncakes in the featured categories. The Public are welcomed to taste and vote for their favourite mooncakes in the featured categories and there will be prizes to be won and freebies given away during the event!
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