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15 Mar 2019
Chinatown Trilogy Storytelling Sessions
Francis Wong Hooe Wei 虎威, an architect turned author and artist has put his memories of living in Chinatown during his childhood into book illustrations. See Chinatown of yesteryears through the eyes of Francis and hear his exciting stories of growing up in Chinatown at Chinatown Heritage Centre.

Date:23 March 2019
Time:11.30am - 12pm Grandpa's Little Room
外公的小房间 (Mandarin)
Time:3pm - 3.30pm Go Trishaw Go
三轮车跑得快 (Mandarin)

Date:24 March 2019
Time:2pm - 2.30pm The Little Bear's New Clothes
小熊的新衣 (English)
Time:4.30pm - 5pm The Little Bear's New Clothes
小熊的新衣 (Mandarin)

Registration: https://tinyurl.com/FrancisFFWF
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12 Mar 2019
Workshop by On Cheong
Demo & Sharing Jewellery Making Process & On Cheong Heritage and Hands-on Workshop.

Date: 23 & 24 March 2019
Time:2.30pm-3pm (23 Mar)
 11am - 2pm; 3.30pm - 5.30pm (24 Mar)

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23 March
24 March.

Click to know more about On Cheong (Demo & Sharing) and On Cheong (Sliver Pendant).
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12 Mar 2019
Workshop by Eu Yan Sang
Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Its Major Herbs.

Date: 23 & 24 March 2019
Time:4pm - 4.30pm (23 March),
 2pm - 2.30pm (24 March)

Venue: Eu Yan Sang @ Chinatown 269 South Bridge Road Singapore 058818
Fees: Free

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8 Mar 2019
Five Footway Festival
The inaugural Five-footway Festival will re-create old street scenes and bring back characters from the past – from samsui women, night soil collectors, to the mata-mata in shorts. You will get a chance to snap Instagram-worthy wefies with them while racing in clogs, or snacking on sweets and snacks well loved by our grandparents.

Date: 23 & 24 March 2019
Time: 1pm - 9pm
Venue: Chinatown Street Market

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