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29 Sep 2014
Hungry? Look what Chinatown Complex Food Centre has to offer!
One of the biggest and most popular hawker centre, the Chinatown Complex Food Centre embodies the best food Singapore has to offer. You'll find a wide variety of authentic dishes such as Claypot Rice, Braised Pork Noodles as well as cheap Dim Sum all in one place! (Source: Leslie Tay)
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24 Sep 2014
New café opens on Keong Saik Road!
Chinatown might be the upcoming go-to destination for café hoppers - see what other food bloggers have to say! (Source: Nicole Poi)
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18 Sep 2014
10 Stalls to Try At The New Chinatown Food Street
If you are a traveller to Singapore and want to try as many of our famous local cuisines all at once, then you must visit the Chinatown Food Street! From Hokkien Mee to Satay Beehoon, savour the taste of authentic local food here in Chinatown! (Source: DanielFoodDiary.com)
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15 Sep 2014
Staying At Amoy Hotel and Exploring Chinatown
At Chinatown, there's something for everyone - The Foodie, The Gym Rats, The Photography Enthusiasts, The Shopaholic, and The Explorer. (Source: Grace Tan)
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