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76 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088497
w: www.chakradiamonds.com
t: +65-6222-2688       f: +65-6225-7988      
e: sales@chakradiamonds.com
Chan Foon Jade and Jewellery
245 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058794
t: +65-6223-4128      
Chan Kwong Kee (Singapore)
295 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058838
t: +65-6227-7944       f: +65-6227-1798      
Goldheart Bullion Chinatown
231 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059435
w: https://www.goldheartbullion.com/Buy
t: +65-6222-0698      
Koyal Jewellery
334 Kreta Ayer Road #01-11, Singapore 080334
t: +65-6222-6348      
Kwong Cheong Goldsmiths & Jewellers 廣昌金铺珠宝行
5 Banda Street #01-82, Singapore 050005
t: +65-6223-9126      
Li Hong Jade
531 Upper Cross Street #01-05, Singapore 050531
w: www.lihongjade.com
t: +65-6534-6919      
e: jade@lihongjade.com
Myer's Jewellery @ Chinatown Pte Ltd
45 Pagoda Street, Singapore 059204
w: www.myersjewellery.com
t: +65-6222-2838       f: +65-6227-8687      
e: myersjewelry@hotmail.com
Myer's Jewellery @ Chinatown Pte Ltd
25 Trengganu Street #01-08, Singapore 058489
w: www.myersjewellery.com
e: myersjewelry@hotmail.com
On Cheong Jewellery
239, 241 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059438
w: www.oncheong.com
t: +65-6323-5833       f: +65-6323-5933      
On Cheong Jewellery
251 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058800
w: www.oncheong.com
t: +65-6223-4788       f: +65-6221-1228      
e: jewels@oncheong.sg
Poh Heng Jewellery Pte Ltd
1 Park Road, People's Park Complex #01-17, Singapore 059108
w: www.pohheng.com.sg
t: +65-6535-0960      
Poh Seng Jewellers Pte Ltd
227, 229 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059433
w: www.pohseng.com
t: +65-6223-8605       f: +65-6222-8023      
e: feedback@pohseng.com
Shuang Hua Jewellery
54 Smith Street, Singapore 058960
w: www.allaboutjade.com.sg
t: +65-6327-9168      
e: contactus@allaboutjade.biz
The Jewellery Factory
38 Pagoda Street, Singapore 059197
t: +65-6222-0790       f: +65-6221-2169      
e: tjf38@live.com
Tin Sing Goldsmith
203 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058756
w: www.tinsing.com/whatsnew1.htm
t: +65-6223-7722       f: +65-6224-7660      
e: info@tinsing.com
Weng Cheong Co Pte (S) Ltd
198 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058747
t: +65-6223-0161      
Wong's Jewellery 王氏珠宝
62 Temple Street, Singapore 058607
t: +65-6323-0236       f: +65-6323-0232      
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Poh Heng Jewellery Pte Ltd
Established since 1948, with its 13 outlets island-wide, Poh Heng is now a member of Quality Jewellers of Singapore and has been voted three times as Asia’s top luxury brand.

Poh Heng offers exquisite choices of jewelleries for gifts, Wedding planning, ORO22 premium 22k Gold and itrustme diamond with white Gold.
1 Park Road, People's Park Complex #01-17, Singapore 059108
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