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Halloween at Club Street
Old Pictures of Chinatown
Sago Lane, the Street of the Dead
Chinatown, Singapore in 1955
Chinatown Night Market
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Chinese New Year 2008 at Chinatown, Singapore
Hungry Ghost Festival
Chinese New Year 2010 Celebration
Chinese New Year festivities in Chinatown
Fireworks display in Chinatown during Mid-Autumn Festival
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Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinatown, Singapore
"One of my family's favourite tradition every Chinese New Year Eve is to squeeze in with the masses at the Chinatown Night Market... the annual nocturnal bazaar is a celebration of sight, sound, scent, touch and tastes, mingled with hordes of humanity..."
"This year, apart from the exhibition on Taoism, there was also a talk show conducted by Master Leong from HongKong who spoke in Cantonese... suddenly it seemed somewhat clearer to me as I listened to the explanation and then, the demonstration."
"This blog to express as a tribute to the Samsui women of Singapore, the silent heroine who built Singapore over five decades..."
"Think about those traditional wooden clogs. They were such a rage with those Samsui women!"
"Chinatown, an old world charm which still exists today. The old buildings of yesteryear still stands after having..."
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