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stories of chinatown
Clik, clok, clik, clok...

The sound of red clogs echo through our memories of Chinatown.

Cramped, loud; hawkers selling all manner of things on the streets and five-foot-ways; samsui women making their way home after another hard day's work. An endless cycle of activities would go from day well into the night until they met the next dawn, as if the day never ended.

This was our Chinatown and we loved it. Over the years, Chinatown has changed and evolved, but it remains our beloved enclave of culture and tradition, defined by the very people who live, work and play on its streets - and here are their stories.
A Humble Beginning
Chinatown was not always the glittering cultural jewel of Singapore - like all great things, Chinatown had a humble beginning.
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"Yes I do enjoyed being touched by a woman. She is a stout and elderly lady from China. Before you yell "sacrilege!", she's a "tui na" (literally "push-take" although that is misleading cos there ain't anything to be taking. See definition in trusty Wiki here) therapist from Qi Mantra. And what she does with her hands is amazing - she dutifully feels for knots, of which there are plenty on my back and shoulders and kneads them away skilfully and patiently."
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"Hotel 1929 was just right. Rooms small but the price was not too high. It is cute, boutique, hipe. They lend you MacBooks for free use in the lobby. It is right in the middle of China town. I have been to Singapore many times and will now return to this one."
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