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stories of chinatown
Like all the great things, Chinatown had a humble beginning.

Following Singapore's founding, migrants looking to make their fortune in Singapore began arriving in droves. Life back then wasn't easy for the man on the street and home often meant nothing more than a wooden board to serve as a bed. Fresh water had to be carted in by bullock-drawn carts, the practice of which gave rise to Chinatown's other name - Niu Che Shui, or Bullock-Cart-Water.

Over the years, Chinatown has changed and evolved, but it remains our beloved enclave of culture and tradition, defined by the very people who live, work and play on its streets - and here are their stories.
A Humble Beginning
Chinatown was not always the glittering cultural jewel of Singapore - like all great things, Chinatown had a humble beginning.
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"A quirky collection of different themes, each room has its own name and is individually designed with a mix of vintage, designer furniture and art by local artists. Some of the rooms are also designed by Singapore's most influential talents from cinema, theatre and fashion."
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"One such place is Hotel 1929 along Keong Saik Road. I have heard of this hotel for sometime now and wanted to give it a try. Room rate wise it is a little cheaper than most rooms along Orchard Road, while still being just an MTR ride away from the popular shopping district. The community is very upbeat with various bars and hawker places to choose from."
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